Name Date Rating Type Long Term Short Term Outlook Action
International Complex Projects Limited 10/19/2018 Entity AA    A-1 Positive Upgrade
Sheikhoo Sugar Mills Limited 10/16/2018 Entity A-    A-2 Stable Initial
Jamshoro Joint Venture Limited 10/15/2018 Entity    Suspended
Eastern Spinning Mills Limited 10/15/2018 Entity A-    A-1 Stable Initial
Pakistan Reinsurance Company Limited 10/12/2018 IFS AA    Stable Initial
Pak Oman Investment Company Limited 10/12/2018 CGR CGR-9    Reaffirmed
The Citizen Foundation- CGR 10/12/2018 CGR GR 9+    Upgrade
Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited 10/11/2018 Entity AAA    A-1+ Stable Initial
Zephyr Textiles Limited 10/11/2018 Entity BBB+    A-2 Stable Initial
Power Cement Ltd 10/2/2018 BLR A (blr)    Final
Rating Process
In order to provide independent evaluations of their credit-worthiness or the credit risk of their debt issue, an entity may choose to have a credit rating assigned to themselves. A step-by-step process is followed to fully assess the issuer’s credit quality and arrive at a rating.Read More
Understanding Ratings
A credit rating is an assessment of the ability and willingness of an entity to fulfill its financial commitments. It is a measure of the credit worthiness of an issuer and can be used by investors to help make investment decisions when comparing different issuers and debt issues.