JCR-VIS Rating Process

Issuer/Client 1. Signs agreement for an initial rating 2. Submits preliminary information materials
JCR-VIS 3. Conducts a preliminary study 4. Submits a detailed questionnaire to the issuer/client
Issuer/Client 5. Provides detailed information in response to detailed questionnaire
JCR-VIS 6. Conducts pre due diligence meeting analysis 7. Conducts due diligence meetings
4 - 5 Weeks
JCR-VIS 8. Conducts post due diligence analysis 9. Brief for internal rating committee meetings is prepared 10. Sub Committee recommends preliminary/initial rating 11. Rating Committee decides the preliminary/initial rating 12. Discusses the rating rationales and rating issues with client 13. Notifies issuer of the preliminary/initial rating, deliberates on appeals by client, if any
Issuer/Client 14. Consents to release of preliminary/initial rating to the public in case of non-mandatory ratings
JCR-VIS 15. Releases the preliminary/initial rating to the press
2 - 3 Weeks