Cement & Construction

Name Date Rating Type Long Term Short Term Outlook Action
Askari Cement Limited 8/20/2018 Entity A A-1 Stable Initial
Attock Cement Pakistan Limited 6/12/2018 Entity A+ A-1 Stable Reaffirmed
Deokjae Connecting Roads (Pvt.) Limited 4/20/2018 Entity A+ A-1 Stable Reaffirmed
Elite Estates (Private) Limited 6/12/2018 BLR BBB- (blr) Initial
International Complex Projects Limited 10/19/2018 Entity AA A-1 Positive Upgrade
Javedan Corporation Ltd. 4/4/2018 Entity A+ A-1 Stable Initial
Javedan Corporation Ltd. 4/4/2018 Sukuk 1 AA- Stable Preliminary
Power Cement Ltd 10/2/2018 Entity A- A-2 Stable Reaffirmed
Power Cement Ltd 10/2/2018 BLR A (blr) Final
Shajar Roads Limited 1/4/2018 Entity A A-2 Stable Initial
Superhighway Construction Operation and Rehabilitation Engineering (Pvt.) Limited 10/21/2016 Entity AA- A-1 Stable Initial
Swat Expressway Planning Construction and Operations (Pvt) Limited 4/25/2018 Entity A- A-2 Stable Initial
Thatta Cement Company Ltd 10/27/2017 Entity A- A-2 Stable Reaffirmed