Financial Institutions


Name Date Sector Long Term Short Term Outlook Action
Allianz EFU Health Insurance Limited 4/26/2018 IFS A+ Stable Reaffirmed
Alpha Insurance Company Limited 1/31/2018 IFS A Stable Reaffirmed
Askari General Insurance Company Limited 12/27/2017 IFS AA- Stable Reaffirmed
Century Insurance Company Limited 11/15/2017 IFS A+ Stable Reaffirmed
Chubb Insurance Pakistan Limited (ACE Insurance Limited) 12/29/2017 IFS AA Stable Reaffirmed
EFU General Insurance Limited 6/29/2018 IFS AA+ Stable Reaffirmed
EFU Life Assurance Limited 12/4/2017 IFS AA+ Stable Reaffirmed
IGI General Insurance Limited 9/13/2018 IFS AA Stable Initial
Jubilee General Insurance Company Limited 1/23/2018 IFS AA+ Stable Reaffirmed
Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited 5/30/2018 IFS AA+ Stable Reaffirmed
National Insurance Company Limited 3/21/2012 IFS Suspended
Pak-Kuwait Takaful Company Limited 1/20/2017 IFS Suspended
Pak-Qatar Family Takaful Limited 7/18/2018 IFS A+ Stable Upgrade
Pak-Qatar General Takaful Limited 8/27/2018 IFS A- Stable Reaffirmed
Pakistan General Insurance Company Limited 1/10/2018 IFS Suspended
Pakistan Reinsurance Company Limited 10/12/2018 IFS AA Stable Initial
Reliance Insurance Company Limited 11/27/2017 IFS A Positive Reaffirmed
Security General Insurance Company Limited 9/14/2017 IFS AA Stable Upgrade
Takaful Pakistan Limited 3/27/2018 IFS BBB+ Rating Watch - Developing Update
The Co-operative Insurance Society of Pakistan Limited 12/19/2017 IFS BB Stable Reaffirmed
UBL Insurers Limited 8/20/2018 IFS AA- Stable Reaffirmed