Jazz One Day Internet Packages

Jazz One Day Internet Packages 2022 | Daily Internet Package

Jazz introduced two new packages for one day net. Bundles allow you to get internet for a day at a low price. You can also say this as a “daily internet” or “1-day internet” bundle. It is mainly for those users who only want to browse the internet for a few hours or one day. In this Jazz One Day Internet Packages 2022, you will get a maximum number of uploading and downloading.

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Jazz One Day Internet Packages

Let’s see in detail about the one-day internet package. Jazz provides two offers.

  2. Daily Extreme (Mega Package )


  • Data :
    1 GB (4G)
  • Validity:
    24 hours
  • Subscribe:
    Dial = *117*4#
  • Status Code:
Terms and conditons
  1. If you dial *117*4#, you will subscribe to Daily Mega Offer for 24 hours.
  2. This bundle is not recursive, so you will have to dial *117*4# again if you want it again.
  3. Free Data MBs are for 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.
  4. This offer may change anytime.
  5. If there are not enough bundles left when people use them, they will charge at the overage rate of PKR2 per MB of data used on the mobile internet.


  • Data :
    2 GB (4G)
  • Validity:
    12 AM-12 PM
  • Subscribe:
    Dial = *757#
  • Status Code:

Terms and conditons
  1. You can subscribe to this bundle anytime in the day.
  2. To check the remaining MB’s, you will charge Rs 0.06.
  3. Bundles will not automatically renew. When the bundle expires, you need to subscribe again.
  4. But you can use the internet in 2G/3G/4G network areas only.
  5. The internet speed depends on many different things like your SIM card, your device, what web pages you visit, and more.
  6. If you have not subscribed to any internet bundle, you will charge the base rate of Rs.5/MB.
  7. Packages at this offer change from time to time.
  8. You can use several subscriptions with this offer.

Many people search online for affordable internet packages. Most people want to find a good, cheap Internet package that they can use for a day (24 hours). You can also check the Jazz Whatsapp Monthly Package here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I activate the Jazz one-day internet package?

To activate Jazz one-day internet package, you can do so by dialling *117*4#. In this offer, you will get 1 GB for 24 hours, and the cost is 27 Rupees.

What is jazz daily internet package code?

The daily internet package code is *117*4#. For 27 Rupees, you will get 1 GB for 24 hours.

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