Can We Trace Mobile numbers in Pakistan with Names?

Can We Trace Mobile numbers in Pakistan with Names? No, you cannot. No website or application can do that. All the websites and applications that say they can are not valid. The Pakistani Telecommunication Authority (PTA) would never allow someone to look up a phone number with just a person’s name because it is their privacy they would be breaching.

Your mobile number, CNIC, and address are registered with your name. It is protected by NADRA. You can use this data for particular purposes like criminal cases and taxation verification. But never give your information on the website here because it might be a breach of privacy.

Apart from this, you can use a phone code of a different company to see what number is on your phone. Some apps allow you to find your phone using GPS and internet location technology.

Most phones these days have a security function called “Find My Phone”, which you can turn on when your phone goes missing. So it is not possible to find someone’s number online, even if there are websites that pretend they can do this for you.

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