How to Recover Deleted Posts on Facebook – Step by Step Guide

Have you ever accidentally deleted a Facebook post? If so, don’t worry! Recovering deleted posts is easy, and I will show you how it works in this tutorial. Facebook makes it easy to edit and delete posts, but sometimes we go a little too far or hit the wrong button.

Different  methods for recovering deleted Facebook posts

  When you delete a post from Facebook, it has been removed from the Facebook app and its servers. But some things can be deleted when you delete your account. I will show how to see and recover posts that have been deleted on Facebook.  

Method 1: Undelete Facebook Posts Recover

If you want to recover Facebook posts from your timeline.

  • Sign in to your Facebook Account


  • If you are looking for a post you deleted, go to the “Notification” tab. If you find the post you are looking for there, tap it, and your post will come back.


Method 2 to recover Deleted Posts from Facebook

  If you try the first method and do not work for you, then try the second method.

    • Sign in to your Facebook account and Go to the Setting Option.deleted-post-recover
    • To create a copy of your data, click the “Download your Information” option.


    • Next, you need to deselect all options select only post and create the file.


  • Your information will take some time to create. Once it’s done, you’ll get a notification. You can download the data by clicking “Available copies.”.
  • Once you download the file, please open it and find the post you want to get back. Recover it.


3rd Method to Retrieve Deleted Posts on Facebook

  The new Facebook feature allows you to see data that other people cannot see. You can also recover the data before 30 days have passed.  

  1. Sign In to your Facebook account and go to the Facebook setting.activity-log-option-facebook
  2. Then go to the Activity Log option of Facebook.
  3. Click on “Trash” and look for deleted posts.
  4. Just click the “Restore” option if posts are available. Otherwise, follow the above procedure.


Best Method to Delete Facebook Post to Retrieve it Again

  If you don’t want to show a post but think it might be useful later, delete it. You can recover it later when you need it.  

  1. To delete posts from your Facebook timeline, you need to go to your profile page.
  2. Then click “manage posts.” Find the posts you want to delete and click “hide posts.”
  3. You can repeat this process whenever you need these deleted posts.


Final Words

I hope you liked my guide on retrieving deleted posts on Facebook. The second one will work for everyone, but the first and third ones will work for some users. Please share this helpful guide with your friends and relatives.

Frequency Asked Questions

How to Recover Deleted Posts on Facebook Pages and Groups?

If you want to recover posts that were deleted from your Facebook page and group, you will need to do the following: 1. Select the Pages and Groups options on Facebook while following the second method. 2. In this way, you can quickly get back deleted posts from your Facebook pages and groups.

How do recover deleted posts on the Facebook group?

To find the deleted posts of the group, use the second method. Tick Select All instead of Posts and find the deleted posts.

Can we recover deleted posts from any software?

No, the software is not available to recover deleted posts or pages from Facebook.

How to recover deleted posts on the Facebook page?

To recover a Facebook page, you can follow the second method. You can select a Facebook page instead of a post.

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