New Ufone Call Packages 2024 – Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly

As a telecommunications company, Ufone offers a wide variety of Ufone Call Packages in Pakistan. Here we cover all the Ufone call packages, such as Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. We’ve provided all relevant information and prices for each package for your convenience. We recommend picking the one that best fits your needs.

Ufone Call Packages

Ufone offers two types of packages: prepaid and postpaid. That’s why we cover both. Before deciding which package to choose, make sure that you read the terms and conditions. Visit our website for updates on new call offers. The companies change their subscriptions over time.

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Ufone Hourly Call Packages

Ufone Hourly Call packages are popular with customers who have low balances. People also subscribe when they want to talk for a short time to their families. Each offer is valid for a limited time and comes with price and duration. However, you will see all prices and durations at the same time.

Ufone Best Call Offer Hourly

Ufone Best Call Offer Hourly Code and Detail
  • Ufone Minutes : 120
  • Validity: 2 Hours
  • Subscribe: *343#

If you want to make unlimited calls, the Ufone 3 Pe 3 package is the package for you. For just 6 rupees, you can enjoy 120 minutes of talking time. Use My Ufone app or dial *343# to subscribe.

Ufone Power Hour Offer (all-in-one deal)

Ufone Power Hour Offer Code and Detail
  • Internet Data : 60MB 4G
  • Ufone Minutes : 60
  • Validity: 1 Hour
  • Subscribe: *99#

An all-in-one package contains SMS, calls, and MBs for Rs 7.17. With this Power Hour offer, you get 60 Ufone minutes, 60 SMS, and 60 MBs for an hour. Just dial *99# to activate the subscription.

Ufone Daily Call Packages 2022

A Ufone daily call is extremely convenient for those who like to talk for 24 hours. The company has great offers every day for its customers. To make a customer’s life easier, Ufone offers great offers. It offers unique SMS, call, and internet packages to make its customers happy.

Ufone 24 Ghantay Package

Ufone 24 Ghantay Package Code and Detail
  • Ufone Minutes : Unlimited
  • Validity: 1 Day
  • Subscribe: *5700#

You will receive 86400 minutes from Ufone to Ufone, Vfone, and PTCL under the 24 Ghantay offer. A one-day subscription to this offer costs Rs. 8.99. Dial *5700# to subscribe. Your subscription will expire after one day. To renew, just dial *5700# again.

Ufone Best Day Offer

Ufone Best Day Offer Code and Detail
  • Internet Data : 500MB
  • Ufone Minutes : 500
  • Validity: 1 Day
  • Subscribe: *343#

Compared to 24 Ghantay, Ufone’s Best Day offers more offers. You will receive 500 Ufone to Ufone On-Net Minutes. A 500MB data package will also include. To take advantage of this offer, dial *343#.

Ufone Beyhisaab Offer

Ufone Beyhisaab Offer Code and Detail
  • Ufone Minutes : 500
  • Validity: 1 Day
  • Subscribe: *5700#

As part of Ufone’s Daily Call Package, the Beyhisaab Offer is another great deal. It allowed unlimited PTCL and Ufone to Ufone calls for one day. For 24 hours, you could call friends, family, and colleagues. The setup fee for each call will be Rs. 0.13 + tax. The subscription code is *5700#.

Ufone Daily Pakistan Offer

Ufone Daily Pakistan Offer Code and Detail
  • Ufone Minutes : 100
  • Internet Data : 10MB
  • Validity: 1 Day
  • Subscribe: *888#

It’s impossible to have a boring Ufone Daily Pakistan Offer. You get 100 minutes and 10 MBs with this one. Its price is 18 rupees. All day long, you can call Ufone to Ufone. The subscription code is *888#.

 Ufone Weekly Call Packages 2022

Ufone is Pakistan’s leading telecom company. To avoid high call rates, prepaid customers can use Ufone Weekly Call Packages 2022. For seven days, customers will get the lowest possible rate.

Lots of people want to make phone calls with their family and friends. They want packages for making calls without interruption. Ufone offers these kinds of packages, so check them out.

Ufone Weekly Pakistan Offer ( Ufone to Ufone )

Ufone Weekly Pakistan Offer Code and Detail
  • Ufone Minutes : 700
  • Internet Data : 100MB
  • Validity: 1 Week
  • Subscribe: *8888#
  • Deactivation Code: *8880#

Weekly Pakistan Offer includes 700 On-Net minutes and 100 MBs of data. It costs Rs. 100 and lasts for a week. You can activate it at an affordable price and use it easily. The activation code is *8888#, and the deactivation code is *8880#.

Ufone Asli Chappar Phaar Offer

Ufone Asli Chappar Phaar Offer Code and Detail
  • Ufone Minutes : 100
  • Internet Data : 1000MB
  • SMS : 100
  • Validity: 1 Week
  • Subscribe: *5050#

The Ufone Asli Chappar Phaar offer is available for only Rs 120 per week. The following offer includes 100 On-net Minutes, 1000MB, and 100 SMS. So, the subscription code is *5050#.

Ufone Super Minutes

Ufone Super Minutes only offers off-net minutes. It costs only Rs150 for 125 All Network Minutes. The subscription code is *210#.

Ufone Super Minutes Offer Code and Detail
  • All Network Minutes : 125
  • Validity: 1 Week
  • Subscribe: *210#

Ufone Monthly Call Packages 2022

Ufone offers monthly call packages as well as other networks. The monthly packages include exciting offers and low-balance plans. Ufone offers unlimited minutes in a monthly package. People should take a look at those offers.

Ufone Monthly Pakistan Package

Ufone Monthly Pakistan Package Code and Detail
  • Ufone Minutes : 125
  • Internet Data : 400MB
  • Validity: 1 Month
  • Subscribe: *8888#

If you want Ufone only On-net minutes for a month, the monthly Pakistan packages are the best option. In this offer, you will get 4000 On-Net Minutes and 400 MB internet for Rs. 418. So, the subscription code is *8888#.

Super Card Plus

Super Card Plus Package Code and Detail
  • Ufone Minutes : 2000
  • Other Network Minutes : 225
  • Internet Data : 3GB
  • Social Data : 7GB
  • SMS : 4200
  • Validity: 1 Month
  • Subscribe: *250#

A Super Card Plus plan is an affordable package for the whole month. Internet data will contain 10GB, of which 3GB are internet + 5GB Facebook & 2GB WhatsApp. Including more, you will get 2000 Ufone & PTCL minutes and 4200 SMS for Rs.649. The subscription code is *250#.

Super Card Max

Super Card Plus Package Code and Detail
  • Ufone Minutes : Unlimited
  • Other Network Minutes : 350
  • Internet Data : 7GB
  • Social Data : 7GB
  • SMS : 4500
  • Validity: 1 Month
  • Subscribe: *629#

Ufone’s Super Card Max offers all-in-one service. With this package, you will get Unlimited Ufone & PTCL Minutes, 14GB Internet, 350 Off-Net Minutes, and 4500 SMS for Rs 749. You will have 7GB of data to use for the Internet and 5GB for Facebook, and 2GB for WhatsApp. So, the subscription code is *629#.

Ufone Super Card Gold Offer

Ufone Super Card Gold Offer Code and Detail
  • Ufone Minutes : 7500
  • Other Network Minutes : 500
  • Internet Data : 10GB
  • Social Data : 10GB
  • SMS : 5000
  • Validity: 1 Month
  • Subscribe: *900#

The Super Card Gold is the top-level monthly package of Ufone. On this card, you will get 7500 Ufone Minutes and 5000 SMS. You will receive 10GB of the Internet, 7GB for Facebook, and 3GB for WhatsApp. So, the subscription code is *900#.

Get Ufone Free Minutes

A lot of Ufone customers are looking for free Ufone minutes. Today they will learn how to get Ufone minutes for free.

SIM Lagao Offer

SIM Lagao Offer Code and Detail
  • Ufone Minutes : 6000
  • Internet Data : 6000
  • SMS : 6000
  • Validity: 1 Month
  • Subscribe: *5000#

Ufone brings this offer to customers who haven’t used their SIM for the past 1 month. They will get benefit from this offer for two months. Lagao Offer will get 6000 SMS, MB, and Minutes in this SIM. To activate, insert your Ufone SIM card and dial *5000#.

Terms and conditions

    • Ufone On-net minutes can use to call both Ufone and PTCL Users.
    • Ufone charges Rs.0.12+Tax per call.
    • You can also subscribe internet package with these offers.
    • Users can unsubscribe from any package at any time.
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