K Electric Duplicate Bill 2024- Check Electric Bill Online

The K Electric bill is a tracking tool that you can use to check your K Electric duplicate bill online. To find your electricity bill, you must have your 13-digit Account Number. By entering the bill number, you can check your bill details.


You can check your shop, home, or office bill with this tracking tool. You can download your current month or Old bills by entering your Account number.  

What is a K-Electric Duplicate Bill?

A K-Electric duplicate bill is a replica of your original electricity bill. It contains all the same information as the original bill, including your account number, consumer number, billing period, consumption details, and payment due date.

Do You Know?

K Electric is charging 7.5% Tax if you are Non- Tax Filer. In July 2021, the Pakistani government began charging a 7.5% tax on electricity bills over Rs.25000. If you are an active Tax-Filer on FBR, You need to update your CNIC against your account. Here is the link that you can follow https://www.ke.com.pk/customer-services/customerdetails/.

Register a new connection with K Electric

To set up a new connection, you can fill out the form online. After filling out this form, you can trace your new connection progress here by entering your Case ID. Click here to calculate the new connection price. Contact the company via email at [email protected] or by phone at 118.

About K-Electric Bill

K Electric is a private Karachi Electric Supply Company. It supplies electricity to approximately 22 million people in Karachi. The company is responsible for generating, procuring, transmitting, and distributing electricity. The company uses gas, coal, and fuel to produce electricity.

How to Read K Electric Meter?

Frequency Asked Questions

How to Activate K Electric SMS Service? Type ‘Reg’ SMS and enter the 13-digit account number,  then this SMS is sent to the 8119 number. Once registered, you can receive updates from the company. These updates can contain:

  • Technical fault
  • Billing inquiries
  • Prepare for emergency maintenance
  • See the load shed schedule

How to contact K Electric (Complaints & Helpline)

You can contact 118 or 99000 with complaints or any other queries. Alternatively, you can send an email to [email protected].

How can I get a duplicate copy of my K-Electric bill?

There are two ways to get a duplicate copy of your K-Electric bill:

  • Online: You can request a duplicate bill through the K-Electric website or mobile app.
  • By phone: You can call K-Electric’s customer care centre at 118.

Is it possible to get a duplicate K Electric bill using WhatsApp?

In today’s world, everyone uses WhatsApp. So, K Electric is also providing WhatsApp service for their customers. It is possible to get a duplicate bill copy or complain through WhatsApp. So, the WhatsApp number of K Electric company is +92-348-0000118.

Is K- K-Electric allowed to pay bills in installments to their customers?

Yes, K- Electric allows paying bills in instalments to their customers.

How much does K electric charge per unit?

K Electric Charge Rs 75 for residential consumers and Rs. 175 for commercial consumers.

Can I get a duplicate bill if I have subscribed to e-billing?

Yes, you can still get a duplicate bill if you have subscribed to e-billing. However, you will not need to request a duplicate bill if you have already received your electronic bill.

What are the late payment penalties for K-Electric bills?

The late payment penalty for K-Electric bills is 2% of the outstanding amount. The penalty is applied after the due date of the bill.

Can I get a duplicate bill for a previous billing cycle?

Yes, you can get a duplicate bill for any previous billing of the last 6 months.

Can I view my duplicate bill online without downloading it?

Yes, you can view your duplicate bill online without downloading it. However, you will need to download the bill if you want to save it or print it.

I lost my K-Electric bill. What should I do?

If you lost your K-Electric bill, you can request a duplicate bill using one of the methods described above.

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