PTCL Duplicate Bill Check Online 2024 – Print and Download

Do you Want to check your PTCL Duplicate bill online? Here, You can generate a duplicate of your bill and download or print it. If you want a duplicate bill, you need your phone number and account ID.

To print the bill, you need to click on the ‘Print Bill’ icon. Then, click the Printer icon on the top right corner. Keep this in mind! You must connect your computer to the printer to get print. The picture below shows how you can print PTCL bills online.

The requirement to view PTCL Duplicate Bill :

The following things need to be checked PTCL bill Online:

  • Account ID
  • Phone Number

You can check the Account ID from your old PTCL bill. It is necessary to enter your account ID and phone no. to generate a PTCL online bill. However, if you don’t know about it, you can still view your latest bill by entering your phone number here. It is possible to check your September 2022 or August 2022 bill.

The PTCL Phone number is not enough to check your Duplicate bill. You cannot check your bill information without your account ID. You don’t know how to locate your Account ID. You can see this in the below picture.

Remember! Don’t enter phone numbers with area codes while checking your bill. Sometimes, you don’t know your Account ID or PTCL Phone Number. You can check your PTCL bill online by entering your CNIC number. You can get your PTCL number and Account ID by contacting the PTCL helpline centre.

Check WhatsApp Monthly Package

The E-bill service will notify you by SMS and E-mail every month. To register e e-bill, visit this page.

Information about PTCL:

The Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is a government-owned, multinational telecommunications firm. It provides telephone and related telecommunications services throughout Pakistan.

It was founded in 1991 and is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. In Pakistan, PTCL is among the oldest companies. It has over 10 million customers across the country, with 30% growth per year. PTCL currently employs around 9500 people.

PTCL provides different types of services like Smart TV, Dial-up, and broadband internet. Its services are very low-price as other services providers. It provides broadband internet and DSL services across the country.

When we talk about dial-up service, you may think that it is outdated. The company has low rates and good service, so many people still use it.

Change your PTCL Connection at your new location.

Suppose you are moving new location within the same city. You want your phone service shifted to a new location. You need to contact the PTCL helpline centre to establish a new connection. A company employee will install the connection at your new address.

Check PTCL Bill Status

PTCL bill status indicates if your bill is paid or not. If you know your account number or area code, you can view your payment status. To check the status of any bill, use this link.

The official website for PTCL has an effortless and convenient way to check your bill online (bill check Karne ka Tarika). Any device that allows internet browsing can be used to check PTCL WiFi Bill.

Download PTCL Landline Bill Check

To download your PTCL landline bill in PDF format, follow these steps:

  • Enter your phone number and account ID and click ‘Check Bill.’
  • In the next step, click to print your bill. ptcl-bill-download
  • It is how the printable bill looks. Click ‘Download’ in the top right corner to download your bill.

Those who have not yet received their first bill can call the Helpline to get their Account ID. After that, you can check the online bill. Bills will show in an easy-to-read format. The due date and amount are highlighted in red, and both are visible.

View All Details of the PTCL Bill in One Page

You can see the bill amount and the due date of the bill. Also available are the bill summary, your internet usage, or any other subscriptions that you may have (e.g., smart TV). If you are using a 2 MB connection, 4 MB, 8 MB, or any other speed, you can check any bill in the same way. Thus, the billing structure is the same for all broadband/internet connections. In this way, you can also check License Status Online

Get Your PTCL GPON Bill Online

In PTCL, GPON offers high-speed internet. Enter your phone number and account ID in the above fields to get your GPON bill, just like a regular PTCL telephone bill. You can use this web-generated bill for payment at any bank that accepts PTCL utility bills.

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